Stationary Crane For Scrap Handling

Bhupinder’s Stationary boom type scrap handling crane have proven themselves in a number of waste and scrap handling applications, capable of handling a wide variety of materials with a wide array of options. Bhupindra’s design a material handler to maximize production at facility, stationery, electric material handler are much less expensive to operate, safer quitter and don’t produce emissions like- diesel powered, mobile equipments maintenance cost are also less.

Your Top Benefits:

  1. Green Efficiency: Save fuel- reduce operating costs Work quietly- protect operator and environment
  2. Peak Performance: Durable mechanical system- stressed parts optimized High Speeds- high load capacities
  3. Maximum safety: Safe entry and exit-no slip steps State-of-the-art caners- entire work area in view
  4. Maintenance and service made easy Easy fault diagnosis- central measuring point Easy maintenance- clear labeling


Stationary Crane For Scrap Handling